Award Winner 2017

The 2017 Award of 50’000.00 Swiss Francs has been granted on April 28, 2018 in Lugano to 

Fabrice André, MD PhD

In recognition of his contribution to the understanding of the use of biomarkers in cancer, in particular in breast cancer.

Fabrice André is professor of medicine and oncology in the department of medical oncology and head of UMR INSERM U891 at the Gustave-Roussy Cancer Center in Villejuif and professor of medicine and oncology at the Université Paris Sud. He is chairman of the Precision Medicine Working Group at Gustave-Roussy, president of the biomarker group of the federation of French Cancer Centers (Unicancer) and member of the Unicancer breast cancer steering committee

Fabrice André is an expert in the field of precision medicine in oncology. His field of activity extends from basic sciences (head of INSERM unit) to large phase III randomized trials (UNICANCER), and implementation of new modalities of care (ASCO guidelines committee). He has created three clinical or research structures related to precision medicine in oncology (INSERM U981, GRCC precision medicine program, UNICANCER personalized medicine group). He is currently managing 90 people. He was involved in 12 international research consortia in the last 10 years. He has received more than 30 million Euros in research funds since 2010.

Fabrice André has published 299 scientific papers and has an H Index of 70. He described for the first time in oncology the concept of using high throughput genomics for treatment decision and performed the first trial that tested this hypothesis. He led the development of mTOR inhibitors in patients with Her2-overexpressing breast cancers and was able to define the genomic segment associated with sensitivity to this drug family. He performed translational work to demonstrate the human relevance of the immunogenicity of chemotherapy.

Fabrice André has been a member of the Annals of Oncology Editorial Board from 2010 to 2013, associate editor since 2014 and became Editor- in-Chief in 2017.

As member and officer he contributes to the scientific and educational program of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO).

Fabrice André has received the ASCO young investigator award in 2002, the ASCO career development award in 2006 and the ESMO Georges Mathé cancer research award in 2011.

The San Salvatore Foundation, with its base in Lugano (Switzerland) was created in 1979 by Carlo Pernsch, a well-known banker, and his wife Célestine with the purpose of promoting and rewarding medical and scientific research in the area of antitumor  therapies.

For over 39 years the San Salvatore Foundation has recognized with its awards numerous scientists who have contributed in a substantial manner to the scientific research on new approaches to antitumor therapeutics  and has provided subsidies for and has financed scientific projects for the cure of neoplastic forms.

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