Fortieth Anniversary Competition

The San Salvatore Foundation on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of its establishment (10/04/1979 – 10/04/2019), besides its normal financial support for research activities (see the page, Introduction to Financial Support), is sponsoring a special competition.

The San Salvatore Foundation will support with a single contribution of 400,000 Swiss francs a research project for the cure of malignant neoplastic forms presented by researchers active in Switzerland in the areas of biology and medicine.

The deadline for sending proposed projects for the competition is
July 31, 2019.

The request to participate in the competition should be written in English and sent using the special form of the Fortieth Anniversary Competition.

The request is to be sent only in electronic format to the following address:

Required are a presentation letter, a curriculum vitae, a list of publications with an appropriate accompanying letter for the project containing expected costs for salaries, equipment, material, etc.

The request will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee and decided upon by the Council of the Foundation.

To download the Application Form, click on the link below